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Improve your investing strategy with these important tips, lists, and guides on preventing fraud and smarter investing from the Office of Customer Education and Outreach. For the latest information on CFTC Enforcement Actions, visit the Enforcement Action Press Release page.

Binary Options Article 2

Learn from Lowell & Nick, Avoid Unregistered Binary Options Trading Platforms

Investor Articles / Published on March 23, 2018

Lowell Enlow was a contractor for NASA and later operated several insurance agencies throughout Florida. Nick Morrison is a store manager in Central Illinois. Despite their years of investing and financial experience, both men were victims of a sophi...

Binary Options Article 1

Unregistered Binary Options Trading Websites Can Snare Savvy Investors

Investor Articles / Published on March 23, 2018

It’s perfectly normal for investors to test out new strategies. But be careful. There are seemingly “easy” or “low-cost” or “low-risk” offers popping up online that are actually frauds designed to drain money from investors’ accounts. These frauds...

Telltale Signs of Fraud

Telltale Signs of Fraud

Investor Articles / Published on September 27, 2017 provides tips, articles, and resources to help you make informed investment decisions. No matter what your investment strategy is, identifying and avoiding fraud is an essential key to success. Taking the time to learn the signs can sa...

 SmartCheck Month

Your Guide to CFTC SmartCheck Month

Investor Articles / Published on September 25, 2017

The CFTC is celebrating SmartCheck Month to ensure you have the most current information and tools to enhance your investment knowledge. During the month we will share essential tips, real-life stories, and connect you with events to help you become...

Back to School

Back to School: Learn to Trade Futures and Options Without Getting Scammed

Investor Articles / Published on September 13, 2017

If you search online to learn how to trade futures or options, you’ll find dozens of seminars, web courses, and training software. But while there are many useful resources available, there are also plenty of instructors promising expertise and resul...