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Sharpen Your Fraud Detection Skills

Gaining knowledge about investment fraud helps investors make the best possible investment decisions. The resources below, in combination with the Check tool, provide information that helps ensure investors are better protected from fraud.

Video Challenges

You make the choice! Take part in these fictional financial scenarios where you choose your own path and watch the story unfold. Can you make the best financial decision?


We all want what’s best in life and that begins with making informed decisions. Watch these videos to learn how a few simple steps can help you avoid some financial pitfalls.

Protect What's Yours Video
What Do You Really Know About Your Financial Advisor?

Fraud Tips

The best protection against fraud is an informed investor. Learn the tactics fraudsters use to lure investors into questionable investing decisions. If you can spot it, you can stop it. Read the Top Five Signs of a Fraud Scheme.


Want to become a better investor without a lot of reading? Check out these quick and easy graphics that show you how to identify investment fraud and help protect yourself from it.


Foreign entities that have been identified as acting in a capacity that appears to require registration but are not appropriately registered with the CFTC.

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